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Speed Animation

2015-09-22 09:40:06 by paradoxcamel

David Cameron was an inside job.

*I need to practice drawing hands.

Deep Question to Think About (Animal Skin and Semen)

2014-12-12 09:43:57 by paradoxcamel

Okay so here's the thing I've been pondering and the scenario goes a little something like this:

So you're a gal or guy who lives in a house without any sheets, blankets and today's the day you decide to change all that. You go hunting and you kill some large animal in order to take it's meat and use it's skin and fur as some form of blanket. That night after you've skinned the animal, eaten the meat and made yourself a nice cosy blanket you go to bed feeling horny aas ever. You're laying in bed fighting the urge to masturbate because you have no wank sheet or any tissues around and you're too tired to get up. After a few hours you say "fuck it" and start unraveling your bits and with a full belly of meat you start playing with yourself for what seems like hours until you spray a big load accross your new animal skin blanket. You use the blanket to clean yourself off and go back to bed feeling calm and satisfied. Did you just cum into an animal and if you did would it be considered some form of beastiality or necrophelia?

Also before you go check out the uncensored version of my newest cartoon.... yeah i've got no shame but this's what the front page is for right?


Oh right also I just wanted to say that I'm gonna try and work real hard on my animations this year, I no longer have my art class to hold me back or my AIT class so I've got a lot more time on my hands. I've already started working on a story board for a new cartoon and I have a butt load of ideas in my notepad. I'm gonna try and incorperate some kind of live action stuff on my youtube channel but I'm afraid like most of my cartoons so far it's gonna be shit and embarrasing although i think I might be able to get away with that for one of them.

Hey whoever the hell is reading my bulllshit.

I've had an idea for a science fiction 3 part animated series (possibly more parts if I ever get around to finishing it). I'm hoping the parts will be at least 5 - 10 minutes long but in order to achieve this I believe I might have to adjust my animation style to both fit the story's vibe and to make the series less time consuming. Originally I was going to make this a comic series but after putting a bit of thought into I realised that perhaps it'll look better as a semi animatic animation. I've decided to use a semi animatic style for the animation and I say semi animatic because it'll be mainly focused on key poses but there will be some of my over animated bits (which are noticable in a cartoon I'm still yet to complete which will be soon I promise) where ever I see fit. This change in style will allow me to spend more time on drawing more detailed characters and cooler, more appropriate, shiny, backgrounds. 

I can't wait to get started but there's a lot of things that I need to consider before I get into it. I'll probably be able to start this project sometime in november when I've completed my dunkey cartoon. I'll eventually start posting screen shots and go into more detail.


2013-07-31 06:17:50 by paradoxcamel

My friends and I have been watching a bunch of bad but funny movies including sharknado, poolboy (if you haven't watched it FUCKING DO IT!) and the worst movie we've watched so far Birdemic. I'd been working on a cartoon based on the "stamper and sprinkles short" (by stamper) but had been too lazy to actually finish it up until last night. After finding out about "Birdemic 2" I ended up finishing my animated short a little differently then what I was originally planning on doing by kinda showing how I felt about the idea of another Birdemic and Alan Bagh's amazing proformance in the last film. I understand it seems pointless to have stamper and sprinkles in this cartoon without actually doing anything about them but It wasn't originally meant to be like this. Oh well at least It was a good practice on frame by frame.

moobies coming soon

2013-01-14 08:54:10 by paradoxcamel

Hey guys.
At the moment i've been working on a some what short intro thingy for something. I've tried to go for a different approach from the last animation i posted on newgrounds by using cleaner lines and a butt-load of frame by frame. I've been working very heard on trying to perfect the characters movements in this animation and hopefully it will come outt good.

I've also done a couple of dumb ass animated shorts for my youtube channel you may find worthy of watching.


sorry but for some reason i couldn't use embed video.

moobies coming soon

Hey guys just thought I might show off this incredibly dumb cartoon I made. Please read the description before making any harsh comments.

I'm so very sorry about this short film or whatever you wanna call it. This was kind of a practice animation where I could try a different drawing approach though I must say it didn't come out as well as I thought. When I first started drawing this I thought this toon was going to be great but after a while It just became stupid and unworthy to finish. Although I didn't want to finish I had a butt load of drawings already done and I almost broke my voice doing the recording so I only did half the cartoon (with crappy animation) and left out the punchline which sucks but I just couldn't stand working on this anymore.

I'm sorry and I hope to make it up to you with my next cartoon which should be a lot better.

Who the hell is dis

2012-09-25 09:28:12 by paradoxcamel

Hello there people (mainly my 3 fans) my name is Xavier Kedgley and I'm an aspiring flash animator from Australia. I'm not quite sure if I'm supposed to be writing posts like this but I just wanted to say how pleased I am about the reviews and support I've gotten for my first animation I've posted on this account and how It managed to get on the front page =D (thanks again Tom).
I also wanted to say that i've also got a youtube account where I'll probably be uploading little bits and bobs here if your interested:

Thanks for reading by the way.

Here is my newest animation if you didn't get to watch it.